Vorticerosa is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in Decoration. She  works in Milan as art director and artist. She worked for Coca-Cola, Heineken,  Rolex and Kraft. She published her Illustrations on “Vanity Fair”, “Glamour” and “Grazia”. She took a part in various artistic events. She was finalist in 2013 at the “Combat PRIZE” as graphics section and the “18th Prize of Contemporary Art SaturArte of Genova”. She won the third prize in the competition Euregio “Paint Your Mozart” of Bolzano and she was selected for the “Annual Italian Illustrators 2010”. She created the concept design for the comic book “Dampyr – The House of Faust”, for the comic book ” POP ” of Fabiano Ambu and for “Josif” of Fabiano Ambu and Davide Barzi, she is also colorist. She created the Character “Sladkiy” published by “It Comics”. She works with “Carré d’Artistes – Contemporary Art Gallery”.